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A robust, technologically advanced platform that lands you on every platform

From native applications, to Responsive Web Design and HTML5, to WAP, QR and SMS – the Gumiyo technology platform targets TV screens, Tablets, Mobile devices and PCs. The platform includes the necessary Cloud services to ensure all your applications scale rapidly and seamlessly. The platform can be deployed using Amazon Web Services (default), or hosted at your data centers using our "Gumiyo-in-a-box" option.

Gumiyo powers 27,000 sites and apps, and 35,000 monthly messaging programs for leading publishers and technology providers globally. Our unique platform combines enterprise tools to extract and manage data (content or inventory), designer tools to build solutions, and provisioning tools to manage the distribution and deployment of apps across all your properties and clients.

Read more about our technology below or contact us to see how we can provide the technology to power your next idea.

Here is a sample of some of the products that Gumiyo currently has to offer:

Cloud Hosted Services

Gumiyo was one of the first entrants (http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/gumiyo/) to the field of Cloud Computing leveraging Amazon Web Services for scalability and reliability. Today, when you use our platform, you are guaranteed enterprise class hosting, monitoring, redundancy and fault tolerance. These services are offered to our users at no additional cost or effort – the cloud power comes built in! For those interested in running their own cloud, we offer a variety of solutions including "Gumiyo in-a-box" which allows you to deploy Gumiyo on your hosted environment.

Some of the cloud services we use include:

  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and auto-scaling ensures that mobile sites and apps running on the Gumiyo platform can handle vast amount of traffic and spikes in consumer traffic or data transfer.
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) provides Gumiyo with the ability to distribute the incoming traffic, making sure we are ready for whatever you have in mind.
  • CloudFront, a top-tier content distribution and delivery service (CDN), is seamlessly integrated into the Gumiyo platform making your content and static files available through a global network of edge locations.
  • Relational Database Service (RDS) ensures that your dedicated Gumiyo database can automatically scale. RDS coupled with our use of Simple Storage Service (S3) for static files and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for our EC2 instances, we can ensure your data is safe, secure and scalable.
  • CloudWatch and Elastic Beanstalk are two additional services that come included with the Gumiyo environment, making it easy to monitor your cloud reasources and deploy additional resources at need.
  • Simple Queue Service (SQS) is our default messaging system, allowing our cloud instance to communicate and collaborate when performing backend and frontend tasks.

Native Applications

Over the past years, we delivered to market leading iPhone, iPad, Android and Hybrid apps. Using the Gumiyo data platform, we create applications the deliver content to every device. From the #1 local media iPad app, to apps for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) we design, develop and deliver engaging apps the create unique touch points with consumers and the information they seek.

For native apps, your starting point is the Gumiyo Client Libraries (GCL). GCL offers a simple way to build native applications that interact with remote data. If you are building a news-reader app, your consumers would like to browse, search, read, "favor", or find related stories. If you are building an app for an automotive dealer, your consumer might want to search vehicles, save local searches or automatically find the vehicles that are best matched for their need. These functions and more come built in with the GCL.

With the backend in place, Gumiyo offers several development & engagement types:

  • "We build it": allowing our team to take your app from concept to delivery, jointly discovering your vision and building an app that properly represents your brands and achieves your business goals.
  • "You build it, we help": working as an integrated part of your team, being as hands-on or hands-off as you need us to be. In this model we supplement your team with the skills needed to get your app to market as quickly as needed.
  • "You build it": In this engagement type, we will stay behind the scenes and only help if you need us to. We will provide you with the GCL or other pieces of code as needed, and assist as you and your team develop the app.

Under all engagement types, Gumiyo offers several licensing options for the GCL and all other work is considered "work for hire" allowing you to own your code (developed by Gumiyo or you) and build your intellectual property portfolio.


Cross-Platform Publishing

Our unique architecture supports cross-platform publishing, allowing you to manage the way your mobile site or app renders across different devices or device families. With over 2,200 different handsets and devices supported, sites and apps created on the Gumiyo platform automatically scale and adjust to every incoming device.

From WAP to XHTML/MP to HTML5, Gumiyo automatically renders your site using the technology that offers the best user experience for the incoming device. This approach reduces the developer's need to deal with device fragmentation, while still allowing developers to overwrite the default system behavior by creating dedicated user experiences for different devices.

For example, a site developed on the Gumiyo platform will automatically render across every device – but your business requirement may call for a different "search" page for touch devices such as iPhone. With the Gumiyo platform, you can do exactly that, design a dedicated page for iPhone devices and overwrite the basic site experience when the site is accessed using a touch device.


HTML5 Support

HTML5 support comes built-in with the Gumiyo platform, allowing our developers to site to leverage the new tags (video, audio, canvas, section, article, header, nav and more) along with access to several services including Geo-Location, offline mode, messaging and more.

Joining HTML5 and cloud hosted data offers a new design paradigm using the Gumiyo platform, where "offline is the new online". By building sites and web applications to support offline mode, you properly compartmentalize your business logic and the data each use case requires. Storing this data locally and synchronizing the data when possible, greatly reduces the server calls and page reloads. The end result is a streamlined application that showcases your data, without the flickering when moving from page to page.

Contact us to learn more about our HTML5 capabilities, or learn more about HTML5 at html5rocks.com or w3schools.


Responsive Web Design new

Responsive Web Design is an emerging technology for building a single website that is optimized for every device. Made available by the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3, Responsive Design ensures that your website visitors get a fast-loading, targeted experience from any device.

We have combined our vast device recognition database, the Gumiyo rendering engine, HTML5 capabilities and Responsive Web Design practices to give you a platform that generates an optimized experience across TV, Tablet, Mobile and PC. As the latest industry trend, Responsive Web Design uses CSS3 Media Queries to adapt the UI flawlessly to the screen size of the incoming device.


Messaging and APIs

The Gumiyo platform offers several APIs for developers to deeply integrate existing systems and applications. The APIs orchestrate the creation of sites and apps, provisioning of sites from templates and a wide array of messaging related calls.

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