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A one-stop-shop to launch your business on any device and any platform!

More than 200 Resellers, VARs and Affiliates including the leading technology providers and publishers use the Gumiyo platform daily to launch, manage and monetize products.

Gumiyo products include the platform, website templates and development tools to help you enter the web space for the first time or better monetize your existing presence. Our ready-made products are designed to help businesses from car dealers to real estate agents to national news media and consumer packaged goods companies launch and grow a web presence with ease.

With Gumiyo, you'll find the right product for all of your desktop, mobile website and application needs – all from one single Platform and Studio tool. Read below to learn more about our products and services.

Here is a sample of some of the products that Gumiyo currently has to offer:

Gumiyo Platform

The Gumiyo platform features the ability to customize products, create accounts, designate user access and privileges as well as build design-first mobile websites. The goal is simple: make all aspects of running a mobile program easy and intuitive. Many mobile solutions offer an incredibly difficult and unsatisfying experience for experienced and novice users alike.

The key element to the Gumiyo Platform is not only how robust the offering is, but also the intuitive nature that allows users to solve complex business problems simply. Add in developer API tools and the platform is as flexible as any in the industry. Gumiyo has always approached the platform with accessibility and scalability in mind. From seasoned coders to project managers to individual business owners, the Gumiyo Platform is designed with you in mind.

If you would like a platform tour or would like to discuss how our solutions can help you, contact us.


Gumiyo Studio

Gumiyo Studio features drag-and-drop components that make building a website as easy as arranging the building blocks. With a blank check, anybody can get a website made by a design firm that fulfills all of their business needs. But what about companies and people that operate fiscally responsibly on a budget?

Gumiyo Studio was created to allow any user, from those with no prior web experience to advanced designers to create a website robust enough to compete with the top web design firms. Best of all, because of the ease of use, the websites created cost considerably less in time and money. For web designers looking to move beyond simplicity, Gumiyo Studio can serve as a blank canvas to create something truly unique.

If you would like a demo of the Gumiyo Studio or would like to discuss how our solutions can help you, contact us.


Mobile Sites

Featuring mobile websites designed and tested with the mobile user in mind, Gumiyo's goal is give site visitors the most robust website their mobile device will allow. At Gumiyo, we understand that not all mobile websites are created equal. To many companies in the industry, a mobile website is defined as a website that works on iPhones and maybe Android devices. Though this approach leaves the majority of cell phone owners without a good mobile experience, mobile design firms have long taken this narrow view of the industry.

Gumiyo's approach has always been to ensure any content renders perfectly on any device. With an advanced device detection database, Gumiyo's focus is to make sure that a mobile website has all of the relevant information an end consumer needs, while also making sure that an old Motorola flip phone has a proportionately good experience to the iPhone.

If you would like to see a sample of our mobile websites or would like to discuss how our solutions can help you, contact us.

Native Apps

Gumiyo's native Apps feature the ability to include multiple data feeds, custom buttons and features and a layout that enhances the user experience. Typically, Apps of this nature are extremely expensive. Still, according to Apple, more than 100 million Applications have now been downloaded from the App Store. The problem is that for a company simply to enter the App category, an initial investment typically in the six or even seven digits is required before any revenue from the App is ever realized.

To combat the immense price hurdles typically associated with Application design, Gumiyo has created low-cost, robust, native application products that allow businesses to enter the App space without mortgaging their future. But the products are not one size fits all – Gumiyo's robust design suite also allows for customization and enhancements to deliver a truly unique App experience while remaining under budget.

If you would like to see a sample of our Applications or would like to discuss how our solutions can help you, contact us.

Notification and SMS

The secret ingredient to notifications and SMS is Gumiyo's Blast Builder that walks campaign managers from a customer's first opt in through their complete SMS life cycle – keeping customers up to date while growing business. At its core, the Blast Builder provides a method to communicate with each customer at the exact moment he or she is beginning to make a purchase decision.

The Blast Builder allows you to easily send text messages to opted-in customers when you know they are considering a purchase decision. Car dealers, real estate agents, restaurants and any business looking to speak directly to its companies with important information that might sway a purchase in the company's direction have benefitted from making Gumiyo's notification and SMS system a part of their daily operations.

If you would like to discuss how a notification or SMS program can benefit your company, contact us or Text GUMIYOSMS to 48696. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Ready-Made Mobile Products

The key component to offering such robust products is Gumiyo's provisioning process – once we've determined what the best mobile website and user experience for your customers should be, our team creates easy-to-use templates. Those templates coupled with your mobile product allow for the instant activation of hundreds and even thousands of customized mobile websites or splash pages within minutes. Next, we create ready-made mobile products that fit seamlessly into your current solutions, allowing for easy sales and support while also driving business.

Gumiyo's technology platform combined with it mobile product strategists work with your company to understand not only what your customers purchase from you already, but how mobile can become a key component in augmenting that offering.

If you would like to discuss how ready-made mobile products can benefit your company, contact us.

Resellers and VARs

Have you ever worked with a vendor only to find that your goals were not aligned? That the success of their business might even come at the expense of yours?

With Gumiyo, you're not just a reseller, you're a resell partner. Featuring a team of Account Managers and Mobile Strategists, your resell program will combine our experience with your vision to create a truly robust mobile program that is easy to monetize and support. The key to your success in mobile is how you integrate the solution into your current business model. Once becoming an official reseller, our team works with you to uncover the best go-to-market strategy for you to ensure long-term success.

If you would like to discuss our resellers program, contact us.

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