About Us
Gumiyo's mission is to deliver
the world's information on every device

As one of the earliest entrants to conquer the mobile space, we recognized a need to help companies boast an integrated web experience across any platform and on any device. As champions for businesses big and small, our platform delivers a website that responds perfectly on a desktop, mobile device or tablet.

The platform is currently used globally by leading publishers, technology companies and local businesses to power websites, applications and messaging programs. The platform integrates more than 1,200 data sources from inventory management systems, content management systems, customer management systems and more to ensure consistently updated websites.

Gumiyo's services are commercially proven, powering more than 27,000 sites and apps, and reaching over 150,000 small businesses. Leveraging Cloud Computing, our technology is highly scalable. With a team of technology leaders, Gumiyo is currently deploying the next generation of its products, creating an optimized experience for every device and seamlessly delivering the world's information, anytime and anywhere.

The Company was founded in 2006, is headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA and maintains field offices in Chicago and San Francisco. The technology platform is currently deployed with clients across the United States, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe.

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